What we do

To ensure a successful (seamless) relocation with minimal disruption to business continuity we consider not only the pure logistics of the relocation, but facility and staff preparedness, remaining cognisant and supportive of change management initiatives and ensuring that every single item or process is in place ready for a start-up on “go live” day/s in the new facility. 

We have experience with space planning (determining who goes where within building/s), Facility Readiness including scheduling and managing the delivery and install of new FF&E and managing the exit project ensuring that all surplus FF&E is re-deployed, sold, recycled or disposed of.

We are outcome focussed and unwavering in our attention to detail.

What this means for our client is:

  • Minimal business interruption (down time), you will be up and running, with people comfortably working in their new environment in the shortest possible time;
  • An integrated approach to the relocations ensuring all aspects are considered and linkages between work-streams are recognised and factored into the plans;
  • Confidence that the methodology and all documentation is tried and tested and proven to be successful;
  • Economy of effort by engaging expert project managers, who have done this many times, and who are able to provide back-up to each other;
  • An approach which is inclusive of your staff and consultative;
  • Experienced Project Managers accustomed to working with architects, construction companies, furniture suppliers, IT teams, change managers, landlords, health and safety, and other third parties;
  • Procurement expertise with respect to relocation companies (lifters and shifters) and other third-party contractors;
  • Comprehensive documentation;
  • Peace of mind.
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