Healthcare Relocations

Hospitals, laboratories and health providers have a huge responsibility to their communities to offer continuation of services, regardless of whether they are relocating or not.

Hospital relocations rarely comprise of moving just one department, therefore, considered and consultative logistical planning is required to determine the sequence, durations and linkages between each service, for example, emergency department, ICU, laboratory, radiology, theatres and more.

We understand the vital importance of providing services with minimal disruption to your patients and staff. Patient safety is always the key consideration in relocation planning.

We work with your team to meticulously plan for the relocation of condition and/or time sensitive equipment and materials.  We know that loss or damage of these materials is untenable which is why our experienced team of dedicated project managers can offer their experience and knowledge to assist you in the planning phase.

The movement of equipment and supplies is linked to patient moves, and it is hard to imagine more detailed planning than is required to relocate a fully functioning ICU with a possible patient load of 24 on move day.

What do you need to consider during a healthcare facility relocation?

Ever tried to think about what’s involved and don’t know where to start?

That’s why we’re here and we’ve done it all before! These are just a few of the things to consider…

  • Fume Cabinets
  • Microscopes
  • Centrifuges
  • Fridges and Freezers (-20°, -80°)
  • Analysers
  • Operating Theatre Suites
  • Sterile Services Department
  • Blood and Pharmacy Fridges
  • Store Rooms (containing clinical and non-clinical supplies)
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Resus trolley placement

The list goes on!


This is how we help with healthcare & hospital relocations

Every work place, organisation or business relocation comes with it’s own unique set of challenges but no need to worry about it!
We’ve done it all before and know the process from start to finish.

This is what we do for you to ensure a seamless move.

We plan and project manage from start to finish

Avoid the stress and worry by letting us plan and manage your relocation. We ensure that everything is planned – taking care of the who, what, where, when and how?

We listen and communicate effectively

From our initial meeting, the planning phase can span many months. We ask the right questions and keep you informed through comprehensive documentation every step of the way.

We consider the things you haven’t

We are experts at thinking about the smaller details and leave no stone unturned. Our planning encompasses not only critical equipment but everything required in the new facility, including the coffee machine!

We’ve got the right contacts

Not sure where to begin? Just call us. We plan from the high level ‘big picture’ through to the minute details and we know trusted third parties to include as and when required.

We provide services and solutions from the initial planning and project management, right through to getting you in the door and fully operational again.

What are our Service Options?

Our approach to ensure a successful relocation, with minimal disruption to business continuity, is to not only consider the pure logistics of the move, but also to ensure facility and staff preparedness.

Our range of services help to ensure that every single item, process, and person is in place, ready for a seamless start-up on “go live” day in the new location.

  • Our specialty lies in the planning and project management of large and/or complex relocations across all industries in New Zealand and Australia.

  • B&W can undertake people or space audits to support the allocation of space in existing and/or new premises.

  • We have the logistics expertise to schedule and manage the soft fit-out of your premises.

  • B&W can work with you to develop an A-Z document which lists everything to be planned or arranged to ensure a seamless start up on ‘go live’ day!

  • We can work with you to determine your storage requirements: capacity and solutions.

  • We can help you to plan and manage your exit or decommission of buildings and provide solutions for surplus FF&E.

Healthcare & Hospital Relocation Projects

From large to small, these are just a few of the clients we’ve helped over the years. 

Having managed a number of small moves, B&W are now working with MercyAscot with respect to a significant CSSD project and the new build taking place on the Mercy Hospital site with a 2024/25 go live.

Appointed by the Ministry of Health as Migration Project Manager for the occupation of the new Greymouth Hospital. This project included the relocation of: Emergency Department, CCU, Theatres, Radiology, Pharmacy, Inpatient Wards and more.

2017 – July 2019
Appointed by the Ministry of Health as Migration Project Manager for the occupation of the new Outpatient facility and the new Hagley Building on the Christchurch Hospital City site.
These relocations include:
– Dental, General Medicine, Ophthalmology and more Outpatient Clinics
– Emergency Department
– Radiology
– Inpatient Wards

Appointed by the Ministry of Health as Migration Project Manager for the move of inpatient Wards and associated Clinical and Non Clinical services from the Princess Margaret Hospital to Burwood Hospital.

Relocation of Pegasus Health’s 24 Hour Surgery (which remained operational throughout the move) in Christchurch.

Robyn Richards, working for Carson Group, was appointed Migration Manager to lead a team of Project Managers who delivered a project which included the relocation of:
– 258 inpatients
– 1 x Emergency Department
– 2 x Intensive care units
– Radiology Department

Robyn Richards, working for Carson Group, was appointed Migration Manager to relocate Greenlane Hospital Services to the new Auckland City Hospital, a project which included the relocation of:
– 60 inpatients
– 4 x Cardiac Operating Theatres
– 2 x Intensive Care Units
– Inpatient Wards

Robyn Richards, working for Carson Group, was appointed Migration Manager to relocate the National Women’s Hospital Services to the new Auckland City Hospital, a project which included the relocation of:
– 80 women and babies
– 4 x Operating Theatres
– Delivery Unit
– High Dependency Unit
– Neonatal Care Unit

Planned and Managed by Robyn Richards:
– 60 inpatients were relocated
– 1 x Emergency Department
– 1 x CCU/IOCU
– 4 x Operating Theatres
– Sterile Services
– Inpatient Wards
– Laboratory
– Library
– Radiology
– Records stores

Planned and Managed by Robyn Richards:
– Theatres
– Intensive Care Units (Adult and Neonatal)
– Delivery Unit
– Sterile Services
– Radiology
– Inpatient Wards

Planning and management for the relocation of Renal Services from various buildings into a new and larger facility on the Tauranga Hospital site.
Detailed planning and management for the relocation of Whakatane Hospital – ED, Acute Care, Theatres, Inpatient Wards, Sterile Services.

Relocation of 2 inpatient wards at Tauranga Hospital.
High level planning for the Whakatane Hospital move in 2014.

Relocation of ICU/CCU and Medical Day Stay.
Relocation of staff at Whakatane Hospital.
Relocation of staff between buildings in Tauranga.

Clinical and Non Clinical service relocation at both the Middlemore and Manukau sites including ward moves into the new Edmund Hillary Block.

Peer review of move planning.

Ready for a plan?

If you need a smooth and seamless transition, get us involved in your relocation project from the start!